BlackBerry Juices Z10 Smartphone With OTA Software Update

BlackBerry Juices Z10 Smartphone With OTA Software Update

Blackberry Z10 is a cell phone designed to serve the next generation with better qualitative handset rather than just attractive looking phone.

Blackberry ensures that it offers all advanced features and specifications, which the users want, easily. They designed it and later updated OTA software that made it even better and speedy in all perspectives.

When someone hears about Blackberry, the point at once strikes is what are the accessories, how this one is different from others, how are the services, etc. Blackberry has brought a handset and updated it with software and this helped out Blackberry to launch Blackberry Z10 SIM free phone.

This one was expecting a lot, but due to some reasons it was unable to receive the expected response, but when they launched an update of the software called OTA, there was impeccable response.

The specifications of Blackberry Z10 SIM Free are internal storage memory of 16GB, superb resolution, 4.2 inch touch display, 8MP rear camera, micro SD memory card, etc. There were some corrections that were found after the successful update of this OTA software were:

Better call-logging and conversation handling in the Blackberry hub

This made people buy Blackberry Z10 and the demand again increased for it. Users of Z10 found improvements and their problems were resolved. This shows their concern towards their customers and they immediately helped them out with any such queries.

Better support for importing contacts from online sources

When it comes to import contacts, many phones fail to access all the contacts speedily, so when they updated the software, this problem came to an end.

Optimizations to allow the built-in camera to take better pictures in low light

Especially, this is an issue with most of the phones but Blackberry Z10 software update helped out in this context and most of the people feel relieved as the built in camera was taking better pictures even in low light.

Improved playback in web browser

Again when Blackberry Z10 software update was successful, it improved the browser ability.

Blackberry Z10 has better battery life

The most important thing for anyone in their cell phone is its better battery life and when you buy Blackberry Z10, this problem comes to an end.

So this is how when it’s about Blackberry, one must note that it is very a capable brand in the mobile industry. Blackberry built the cell to keep you moving and enjoy the difference. They have introduced a completely new way of using smart phones. It allows you to do more every day.

Blackberry Z10 offers a lot to do and especially it is for those who want quality and security of data. It allows you to access more of what you love and now Blackberry world storefront helps you find anything you want to with absolute ease.

Apart from these features, it has a lot more to give you such as super fast browsing, voice control, editing and sharing of pictures, sharp responsive display, more trusted security, new technology NFC has made sharing and exchanging data easier.

Blackberry balance and intelligent calendar helps make personal and professional information separately and to spent less time in managing schedules. Also it offers best accessories like mini stereo speaker, which is a wireless device to hear music from a Bluetooth enabled Smartphone. This phone is quite as compared to any other so be the first to grab Blackberry Z10 in your hands, it’s a smarter phone for a smarter era.

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