Boost Fan Engagement through Facebook Timeline

Boost Fan Engagement through Facebook Timeline

Facebook – the pioneer in social networking sites is building relationships among people. It has been aptly used by businesses to promote their brands.

Brand exposure and promotion through Facebook takes new heights by utilizing Facebook’s pro-business feature, Timeline for brand pages.

As the ‘Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages’ has been realized, businesses should focus on the presentation and utilization of opportunities.

By implementing suggested best practices, businesses can take advantage of the Timeline to reach more customers. It is no more an option but a necessity as businesses are forced to use Timeline for promotions.

Promoting Businesses through Timeline

The visual landscape of the Timeline is the best location to showcase your products and services. It is also the best place to present the best content that needs extended exposure.

Businesses have got the opportunity to highlight the most memorable events of your business. This is the time visitors will be eagerly waiting for the information presented in the new format as Facebook has officially launched Timeline for brands on 30th March, 2012.

Organizations can deck their Timelines with all the bells and whistles to lure visitors to stay on the pages and also to make them visit them again.

Timeline’s Effectiveness in Fan Engagement

The prospect of Timeline for brands is great as companies will be able to play their strengths in a better way.

It is reported that some of those companies who were already prepared for the change and who are very ambitious to plunge into the new way of presentation of things, have doubled the stats of ‘engagement per fan’.

It is also reported that there is a drastic fall in fan engagement in more than 50% of brands. Brands which are cautious in implementation of expert advice on various factors such as presentation of sharable content, visuals, pins, etc. are able to optimize fan engagement by more than 25%.

As the days pass, we will get the more realistic picture on the prospects of Timeline for brands. There is no doubt that brands will invest time and money to revamp their layout.

As consumers spend more time in exploring timelines of brands, the major chunk of the time will be spent on Newsfeed. The best practices implemented by business will result in the ability to surface in a user’s newsfeed.

It is not only presentation of visuals and quality content but also the engagement that matters most. MTV is quite successful in this matter.

Brand Promotion is a Cumulative Process

Consistent presence, promotion and engagement will lead to success in the long run. It is the culmination of facets of promotions, engagement and building of trust and relationship that convert into sales in the long run.

It is also to be noted that the promotions and presentations made by one business cannot be simply copied by another organization.

No doubt that it will be an encouraging factor to notice impressive sales and thus profits by a particular business establishment. Perseverance is crucial to win the hearts and minds of customers.

Timeline for Brands : Connecting Brands with Masses

Brands should reach crowds. Facebook’s ability to connect, share, engage is the dominant strength that businesses can take advantage of.

The renewed attempts of Facebook to offer brand a better platform through ‘Timeline for Brands’ will go a long way to enhance promotions and engagements.

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