Can different passwords have the same hash?

Can different passwords have the same hash?

The probability that two users with the same password would get identical hashes is negligible; The probability that two users with different passwords will get salts that produce identical hash results is also negligible.

Can password hashes be cracked?

Like other forms of encryption, it turns readable data into a scrambled cipher. But instead of allowing someone to decrypt that data with a specific key, as typical encryption functions do, hashes aren’t designed to be decrypted.

Why are hashes different for the same password?

In fact this is the answer to your original question: The reason the hashes are different is because if they were the same you would know that anytime you saw the bcrypt string $2a$10$QyrjMQfjgGIb4ymtdKQXI. WObnWK0/CzR6yfb6tlGJy0CsVWY0GzO you would know the password would be abcd .

Can two messages have the same hash?

Yes, it is possible that two different strings can generate the same MD5 hash code. They generate different SHA-1 sum, but the same MD5 hash value.

Can 2 files have same sha256?

We use SHA-256 because this 256-bit key is much more secure than other common hashing algorithms. Collisions are incredibly unlikely: There are 2256 possible hash values when using SHA-256, which makes it nearly impossible for two different documents to coincidentally have the exact same hash value.

Is there a way to crack password hashes?

Wordlist, Go! Before adding rules to the attack, an attack against the hashes using solely the wordlist can be performed. After downloading the wordlist, password hashes and hashcat, a simple attack can be launched using the following command (assuming a 64bit architecture is being used):

Can a hash of two passwords produce the same hash?

Hashing two passwords can produce the same hash. How to prevent this? [duplicate] Closed 4 years ago. When hashing passwords, two passwords can produce the same hash, so if a user inputs someone else’s username but his own password, there is a possibility that he will be able to login to that other account.

How is the hash used in Login Verification?

Login verification means checking that the (username, password) pair is an authentic one. The username is used to look up the corresponding password entry, and that entry’s hash is used to verify that the supplied password is the correct one for that username.

Why is cracking passwords important in penetration testing?

Cracking passwords is an important part of penetration testing, in both acquiring and escalating privileges. The aim of this series is to describe some of the techniques that MWR has found to be effective at cracking both enterprise level and consumer passwords. In addition to the techniques covered in this post, the series will cover: