Can Windows 8 Flourish With Flying Colors?

Microsoft has launched its latest and newest operating system, Windows 8. Microsoft had switched gears in naming the operating system with a mere number rather than mentioning the year of release.

Thus, Windows 8 will gradually (hopefully?) replace the current Windows 7 operating system. Let us check the flavor offered by Windows 8. You can also find why it makes sense to go for Windows 8.

New OS requirement

Change is inevitable. It happens not only in your life but also the gadgets and software that you use in daily life. Over the years Microsoft has established an enviable track record in capturing both business and home user market in the operating system landscape.

The new Windows 8 operating system is in the sequel to the latest trends emerging in the technological front. As a matter of fact, Microsoft will release a new operating system in every two or three years. It is required to update and upgrade the operating system to accommodate the needs of the current days.

Can Windows 8 Flourish With Flying Colors?


There is a drastic change in the way the start screen is displayed. Windows 8 replaces the old skin with ultra modern tiles. You will confront a number of tiles instead of the static and pale icons.

The beauty of the tiles is that as soon as the system is started you will be able to catch the latest action pertaining to the application. Each tile represents an application. You can include as many applications that you would like to include in the start screen. You will be surprised to find that start menu had disappeared.

As the younger generation is getting adapted to MacBooks that are more intuitive than Microsoft’s desktops, there is no way to stick back to the age old windows. This fact necessitates the introduction of visually intuitive screen by Microsoft. On the other hand, Microsoft’s share in the mobile market is meager and it has to go a long way to capture a worthy market proportion.

It is difficult for Microsoft to compete with iPads and Android based Smartphones and tablets. As Microsoft adds new colors and fun through Windows 8, it gives hope to revive the Smartphone and tablet market.


You will be able to control and manage various operations through gestures, touches and swipes. The new interface is similar to that of the Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

As the new start screen presents you a table to tiles, you should be able to find the magic button that takes you to the desktop. You will be able to run both Windows applications and Windows store applications on Windows 8.

As you tap on them you will be able to identify the difference between them. Two applications can share the same screen. The dedicated search tool and gestures that can be utilized through touchscreens and track pads will make your life easy.

You can multitask in full screen mode. You can chat while reading the current day’s news. It is easy to navigate in Windows 8 than in iOS.

You can swipe from left to right in an effortless manner. As you pinch you can zoom in and zoom out on the screen.

Charms menu can be displayed by swiping in from the right side or pointing from the lower right corner. The five charm icons are search, share, start, devices and settings.

You will be able to use only one browser (which is set as default) in the start screen. You cannot use multiple browsers at the same time.

The messaging application will let you communicate through Facebook and Windows Live but not AIM or Google Talk. There are some inconsistencies in the way the OS works when you toggle between desktop and snap mode.

Can Windows 8 Flourish With Flying Colors?


  • You will derive fun by using Windows 8
  • You can deploy Windows 8 both on the touch based tablets and non-touch based notebooks.
  • It is easy to use the gesture enabled trackpad
  • Live tiles can show the animations
  • Each tile will display the latest information
  • Mail application will notify you with subject and sender name
  • Calendar application will list your day’s activities


The new Windows 8 operating system version is available for download at $39.99 and it is available in disk format $69.99.


As you move to the Windows 8 operating system you should be prepared to go through the phase of relearning and going through various adjustments. The new operating system takes a great deviation from older versions and it will be difficult to relate to Microsoft.

The learning curve is not too steep. Hence, if you are decided to upgrade for Windows 8, you can go ahead. However, as is true with any other new operating system, Windows 8 will not be a bed of roses. You should be prepared to handle minor annoyances as well.

Microsoft should launch new patches in the coming days to address various grievances. Microsoft has to take much publicity campaign so that it will not alienate the legacy users.