Canon Power Shot SX30 IS Review

A perfect companion for photo enthusiasts, Canon Power Shot SX30 IS has a 24-840mm equivalent wide angle 35X zoom lens. This hosts advanced imaging technologies making it an all-in-one camera for photo enthusiasts who are creative. Providing a full manual control, HD movie recording and various automatic shooting modes, this allows users to shoot from wide range of different angles.

The ultrasonic and voice coil motors promises quiet, fast and accurate zooming along with focusing. This compact camera which has the world’s longest lens is a direct challenge to Fujifilm FinePix HS10. Weighing 600g with a matt black finish, Canon Power Shot SX30 IS is worth investing.

The 2.7 inch LCD monitor screen has 100% coverage and is capable of adjusting the brightness. Also it can bend 180 degrees forward and 90 degrees backward. This permits you to use Canon Power Shot SX30 easily to get focus in a crowd. The lens-shift system allows capturing images without blur backgrounds.

To help the photographers who have the difficulty to shoot in low light or using the tele photo range without a tripod, the most effective optical image stabilizer (IS) is used while offering up to 4.5 stops of conversation.

Canon Power Shot SX30 IS Review

You can have creative shots with the help of options which includes fish eye, poster, miniature and super vivid effects. The night photograph is excellent in this camera having a maximum shutter speed of 15 seconds. And the stand-out highlight is the macro performance allowing us to focus as close as 0 cms to the object.

The built-in flash works well with no red-eye. The anti-shake system allows you take sharp photos at lower shutter speeds when compared to other digital cameras.

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A hotshoe accessory for a flash is offered with Canon Power Shot SX30. When the user selects the aperture the camera itself calculates the shutter speed for the correct exposure. The playback options are fairly basic with XS.

You can keep track of the distant and moving objects when using a long zoom using the framing technology. When you reacquire your target and position it in the rectangular frame, the lens extends itself to the zoomed position thus allowing the shooting that resumes from the original framing.

Canon Power Shot SX30 IS Review

The operational speed as no complaints as committing of full resolution images to memory takes less than a second and that too with the highest resolution of 14 Mega Pixels.

There is a four-way controller and a row of buttons on the right side of the camera screen. When viewed from the back, the left side consists of a built-in speaker and a catch to attach the provided strap. The right side features a single plastic flap covering AV out/USB port and a mini HDMI port.

No other compact camera will be able to shoot 720 P high definition video with image stabilization and you can use the full 35X zoom. Though the 35X zoom is a great news there are some dis advantages with this camera.

There is no option to take RAW shooting and the price seems to be quite high. Competing against the entry-level DSLR camera, Canon Power Shot SX30 is expected to create a stir in the market.