Facebook Graph Search Delivers Power To Internet Marketers

Facebook Graph Search Delivers Power To Internet Marketers

Facebook is improving the Graph search functionality so that it will yield more meaningful results. It is Facebook’s attempt to make the most of the vast amount of diverse data that is created all through the years.

The current algorithms are being ramped up so that there will be new opportunities for the social networking sites that are going to be launched in the coming days. It is possible to retrieve useful information that is linked with people, locations and products.

As a matter of fact, Facebook Graph Search functionality was added to very few users in January, 2013. The new update might not be ideal for the internet marketing fraternity as it will protect users’ interests in a better way.

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph is nothing but a database which consists of user information such as pages, users and objects. All these are confined to the Facebook’s usage.

The graph will highlight the relationship between various items. Each entity will be identified with a unique number. The unique number is called fbid which means Facebook ID.

The entity will have a number of attributes and Meta data will be attributed to the entity. The relationship between entities (nodes) is termed as edges.

Even though Facebook’s is similar to Google and Microsoft, it is much simpler than them. Facebook has tuned its database in such a way that nodes and edges will deliver useful information for greater analysis especially with the heat generated through social interactions.

With Facebook database and graph structure, it is possible to understand the closeness of various entities, their attachment to a particular destination and time. You can study people and their behavioral and lifestyle changes.

Unicorn is termed as the heart of the Google Graph. It is an in-memory database which is based on inverted index. Inverted index technology is implemented in various database algorithms to establish relationships with attributes, words and fragments of words.

The associated data will be stored in Facebook and will be related with fbids. There will be number of index servers to retrieve the data, to associate and to bring meaningful search results.

Facebook engineers are exploring ways to improve the algorithms so that useful data will be processed internally in various directions and to ensure that powerful results are obtained such the internet marketers and businesses can make use of.

Comparing with Bing and Google

Facebook Graph Search Delivers Power To Internet Marketers When compared with Bing and Google, Facebook has unique advantages. Facebook has more number of entities which will be linked to many other attributes and relationships.

Some of the prominent entities include persons, products, locations and various concepts. The database that is built by Facebook over the years is very vast.

The size of Facebook’s database is far bigger than Google. It is larger than Knowledge Graph (Google) and Active Objects (Microsoft). There are large chunks of data readily available with Facebook.

The only requirement is the manipulation. By implementing the right kind of algorithms, it is possible to retrieve highly effective and useful information for internet marketers. For example, it is possible to trace the number of searches made on Facebook on a particular theme.

Facebook’s search infrastructure is being optimized in such a way that the searcher will be happy with the results. The results that are obtained should include the latest queries and they should be location based queries as well.

Even though the Graph Search will appear like a new feature in the beginning, it will be completely absorbed and integrated with the Facebook interface.

Strive for betterment

As far as the Facebook development team is concerned, it is trying the level best to improve the product. The search capabilities are being enhanced so that there will be better ranking opportunities.

It is being enhanced so that the functionality can be accessed through mobile phones and throughout the world. The CTR (Click Through Rate) plays a crucial role in deciding the success of the Graph Search.

The algorithms are being developed and refined on a consistent basis so that the final version will deliver great results. The changes are being observed in a small group of Facebook users.

Facebook Graph Search: Room for improvement

A few users who are enjoying the new Facebook Graph search functionality have noticed shortcomings in it. The searches fail to include status updates and comments.  The search results are not up-to-date.

These drawbacks will be rectified in a phased manner and Facebook should refine the Graph Search so that it can deliver powerful search results. It is a great way to make money through this process both for Facebook and for internet marketers and businesses.