Facebook Revamps Privacy And Tagging Features

Facebook Revamps Privacy And Tagging Features

Facebook which was launched in the year, 2004 has more than 750 million active users as of July, 2011. Facebook desires to give a face-lift to its privacy and tagging options. The new initiative is targeted to make photo sharing, status and location updates more transparent to the user.

Users will be able to set access controls from the profile page instead of the “privacy settings page” used earlier. From the profile page, you will be able to check “view profile as” which helps you observe, how your profile is displayed to other users. This is a typical feature which was implemented by Google+ and Facebook wants to incorporate this new feature in tune with Google+.

Now, you will be able to check this new feature on the top right hand corner of the page regardless of the section that you are in.

Another enhancement comes in the form of tagging and un-tagging. You can accept or reject photo sharing, location sharing and post sharing. Earlier it was difficult to trace who tagged you or how they were able to tag you. You can set options for automatic tagging to your friends, but for others it will be shared only upon your acceptance.

Now it is possible to tag anybody to a post or a photo even outside the Facebook. This measure comes out of Facebook’s broadminded approach in engaging non-Facebook users also that may happen from a special event or from workplace. As places got integrated into the publisher’s bar, location gets more prominence.

Even in mobile applications, you will find “Nearby” icon instead of the old “Places” icon. You can un-tag from a photo sharing and you can either request the other user to remove the photo or can block the user altogether.

There is no more restriction on being able to tag from a very far distance from GPS location. Your status update reflects the location. Sharing option “everyone” is replaced with “public”. The sharing options available now are public, friends and custom.

You can change the shared post or photo’s status even after they are published. This is one of the new facilities which will be one of those 12 intended changes happening with Facebook as part of its revamp. It is possible to un-tag from any post or photo. There has been widespread criticism from the Facebook users.

They prefer better control on who can share ideas with them or who can find about their presence or who can access their posts, photos, etc. Facebook seems to revamp most of those privacy and security issues well before the formation of formal protest from Facebook fans.

The new initiative taken by Facebook should be appreciated for its commitment towards safeguarding users’ interests. On the other hand Google+ is trying its level best by tightening security and privacy features in its beta version. The competition from other social networking sites also put pressure on Facebook in redesigning its controls.

Anyway, users will be benefited with this kind of competition in the market as each social networking site will try to come up with better features.

Do you think Facebook’s measure will change your course in your social networking sphere?