Goat simulator to hit iOS and Android devices

Goat simulator to hit iOS and Android devices

Goat simulator is finally ready to hit every smartphone near you that is running on either the iOS or the Android operating system. Do check out this Goat Simulator Free for PC by Multi Touch Games, if own a PC and want to have similar experience playing the game.

This incredibly popular game lets you experience a first-person simulator anywhere and anytime. The main objective of this simulation is to maneuver a goat in an open-world scenario in a way that is reminiscent of many popular skateboarding games.

Apart from steering through this virtual world, players also have to hit objects, perform various stunts, destroy stuff and cause as much destruction as possible with style and swagger. The game also offers users a good laugh, as makers Coffee Stain Studios have intentionally incorporated a number of bugs and glitches in the game along with a physics engine that behaves quite idiosyncratically. All of this combines to give players an enjoyable and amusing experience.

Swedish game makers Coffee Stain Studios designed Goat simulator as a gag in an intensive game jam session where developers were required to make a game within a month. The game was also used a platform for game makers and developers to practice and get used to using the Unreal Engine. The sample of this well-liked game used Apex along with the Nvidia PhysX all within the Unreal Engine 3.

However, after its videos debuted on YouTube and various other social networking sites it caught the attention of various gamers and as a result a full version of the game was released on Steam symbolically on the 1st of April.

The game is already available to Mac OS X, Linux and Windows users and will now be available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for $4.99, AU$6.49 or £2.99.