Google+ Circles: Seven Suave Uses

Google+ Circles: Seven Suave Uses

Only less than a month of Google+’s public launch it has achieved an awe-inspiring kick start. Google+ now has 10 users joining per second. By now while you were reading the past two sentences almost 20 – 50 users would have joined Google+.  If you think its mission impossible then you are wrong. With almost 20 million users (still counting) on Google+ not all of them use its feature for the specified purpose. Many users have successfully managed to find ways to enhance uses of the Google+ features especially the “circles” concept.

I compiled the most suave uses of Google+ circles that are deployed by me and some of my co-bloggers. They are …

Teach & Learn

A friend of mine who is a professor has created two circles named students and research scholars. In the students circle he shares many knowledgeable facts that make the students learn. He also shares certain strategies and tips for project work, attending viva, etc. On the other hand he asks his doubts to the research scholars through the other circle and also posts certain topics where he needs their advice. Thus he teaches and learns without any interruption or chaos.

Crowd sourcing

This is a common method deployed by various users including me. This use is very simple, all we got to do is create a circle for co-bloggers or followers and ask questions or polls in order to know the response. I personally asked many questions and got tremendous response which benefited me when I need public responses for certain topics I write upon.

Google+ Conversations

This can be done in almost all of your circles, still I enhance this feature by making circles for people who interact more (you can name it as chatterboxes). In this circle you will be sure to get many responses and this type of use will make a good time pass as well as you can get many informative responses. For instance one of my friends asked what’s your favorite circle’s name and the responses were hilarious ranging from “Who I’ve kissed” to “Whom I want to kill”, Gryffindor, Muggles (surely harry potter mania has not yet ended), etc.


Well this is the conventional use of circles, yeah the privacy part. People can now sort easier and share what they want unlike Facebook where they need to hide the status (from unwanted people) every time they post.


This is name of my circle I have created where am the only member. This circle helps me to use Google plus as a scrapbook thus I can update my appointments, post my day’s routine and even share my innermost feelings (as I do to my diary).


This is what many professionals do especially the ones who always expect decency and etiquette. The organization can be done as


  • Immediate
  • Extended


  • Dears
  • Distant


Work People

  • Peers
  • Bosses


I Follow

Intimate (your spouse, girl or boy friend)


This not only looks organized but it will also be easy for you to search people and add people (rather than having some funny names).


Although Google+ is tight lipped about its future enhancements many people are thinking with a futuristic approach i.e. they are enhancing their circles for features like topic related search, search for posts etc. This can be used clearly only when there is some enhancements done to current Google+.

How do you use your Google plus circles effectively? Share with us.