Google+ Hails Android: Have You Got One?

The title of this post can go vice versa too. Yeah, while android is cordially welcoming the stunning new Google+, the Google+ summons Android phones for giving the former’s best to the users.

In a week Google+ is the buzzword all over the webosphere. All the credits go to the promotions and the hype. We can neither underrate nor overrate this Google+, but one thing is obvious Google+ is will surely not join the Google flop list (Orkut, Wave, Buzz). I can hear you guys saying “enough of praising Google+”.

Well as soon as I heard about Google+ I heard about its compatibility with the Android phones. Google+ is well viewed on Android platform and with your Android phone and Google+ information about your contacts is no more a burden.

Not only these, you can view status, photos, and check-in locations of your friends. Although Google is anticipating the approval of Apple for its iOS version of Google+ and also the HTML5 version for web-based users, it seems that the iOS and HTML5 version won’t be as well equipped and efficient as our Android version.

Don’t you agree with me? Think about the Gmail, Google music and Google Navigation aren’t they elite to Android users?

Yeah some crash web versions of google music are available but they aren’t as exclusive as the one you get through your Android phones. Similarly Google+ will have some of its features restricted only to Android users.

Whatever may be the features that are to be excluded in the HTML5 and iOS versions, the Google+ will surely be a grosser, since the Android version is an instant hit. Thanks to the InstantUpload feature, now you can just click a snap and it’s stored on the web for later sharing through Google+.

Android + Google = Unlimited storage space on Picasa. Yippee!! This is a great pact. Isn’t it? This InstantUpload is the feature that is likely to be restricted to the non-Android users.

Well this isn’t a single reason you should shift from iOS to Android because iOS has an analogous feature known as PhotoStream albeit it has very limited features on comparison with that of Android.

Well iOS and BlackBerry has brilliant and larger display but if you think Google+ is very vital to you then you too hail Android.

Android sales are already strikingly high in the recent times and with the Google+ it’s more likely to augment at faster rates than before. Well if you still aren’t convinced about Android and Google+; let me tell you one thing, most of you who use Google+ on Android will know it the Google+ App is free of cost. That’s not all you can download more Apps also (which may be free or will be charged).

Google+ is slick with its circles, hangouts, InstantUpload etc; don’t miss this. Make way for Android right now. Better late than never; if you haven’t tried out the Google+ then just do it right now. I guarantee that you won’t consider the investment on an Android phone to be a ravage.

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