Google’s new 7-inch tablet will have advanced vision capabilities

Google’s new 7-inch tablet will have advanced vision capabilities

Google is reportedly developing a new tablet similar to its ‘Project tango’ computer vision initiative. The tablet will have multiple advanced imaging sensors meant for advanced vision and real time three-dimensional mapping potentials on a mobile platform.

As per the reports in the wall street journal, starting next month, Google Inc. is planning to produce prototypes of this tablet. The new tablet comes equipped with a 7-inch display and is fitted with two rear-facing cameras, infrared depth sensors, and highly customized and advanced software that can capture accurate three-dimensional images of objects. The company plans on producing 4000 of these prototypes, according to sources.

The internet search giant is developing this new tablet under the research programme ’project tango’ under Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division. Sources also say that the mobile device could be launched before the company’s annual developer conference scheduled for the end of June.

Under the same project the company released a new smartphone version in February of this year. This smartphone had similar sensors and had a regular camera mounted near the top of the handset, a motion-sensing camera positioned opposite and integrated depth sensors mounted between the two which helped create a type of three-dimensional map of the surroundings of the user.

According to Google, the uses of such a device are immense ranging from mundane, such as capturing the dimensions of a home before furniture shopping simply by waving the phone around a room, navigation aid for the visually-impaired to directions inside large stores to immersive reality games.

Google’s rival Facebook Inc. is exploring the same with its purchase of Oculus VR, which deals in making advanced three-dimensional headgear. These three-dimensional technologies are far more advanced than the standard 3-D displays and headgears, according to head of research at Rutberg & Co., Rajeev Chand. Rutberg & Co. is an investment bank, with their main aim being the wireless and digital-media industries.

Google is also letting developers experiment with these devices so that they can develop applications that will make the tablet more appealing to the masses. As opposed to Apple’s secretive development of its devices, Google prefers to bring up its upcoming ventures for its customers.