Google’s Photo Sphere app (360 degree photos) comes to iPhone

Google’s Photo Sphere app (360 degree photos) comes to iPhone

Google’s Photo Sphere app that lets users take 360 degree photos has now been launched in the Apple store for iPhones and iPads. Photo Sphere is an app that lets you take multiple pictures of a location or an event and then the app will stitch together all photos to create on 360 degree image that you can pan left and right to get a 360 degree view.

The app also directs you to take such multiple photos to be combined to one 360 degree photo – when you have taken your first picture, an orange dot will appear outside the view and then you have to move your phone in the direction of the dot and proceed with taking the next picture.

The app will automatically geotag your photo. If it is not precise enough you have the option to manually edit the location before you can share the picture in social media or via email (you can share right from the app itself). Users can also submit their photos to Google Maps. The team then takes about 24-48 hours to review your photo and then decides if it can be added to the Maps.

Google kills two birds with one stone – the Photo Sphere app helps with expanding Google Maps database by enabling users to contribute. Google has also made it easier for Apple product users to use its products; smart move! However it is quite late that this application (Photo Sphere) gets its iPhone version while a lot of other Android apps already have their corresponding iPhone versions.

If you use an iPhone (or an iPad or both) try out this app and if you are excited about taking 360 degree pictures you should download the app here and try it out.