Google’s Youtube reportedly buying Twitch for $1 Billion

Google’s Youtube reportedly buying Twitch for $1 Billion

Google/Youtube reportedly want to buy Twitch, a live streaming video game site, for $1 Billion. The deal is underway and the acquisition announcement may break any time soon.

Well, there are lots of acquisitions going on recently. Yahoo recently bought Blink a few days ago. Now, Google’s Youtube got its eye on Twitch.

It turns out that the deal is already finalized (all cash, mind you) according to the source, and the announcement can be expected anytime.

Twitch is a live streaming service started back in 2011, originally named The service was originally meant to live stream videos from webcam. And then the gaming channels started to pick up pace. Noticing the same, the founders took off the gaming stream of the site and launched it as a separate site

The site became increasingly popular and huge – so it was rebranded as Twitch Interactive in 2014.

So what does Twitch do? It lets you to watch others play games (live streaming of online games). If you are playing games via the gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox, you can choose to stream your game online while you are playing so others can watch it.

Given the popularity of the site we can only assume people like watching others playing games. It seems to be a fun activity. Also, if you are new to a game, it is great to learn by watching others play it. Twitch has got a fun, entertaining and useful idea behind its company.

Anyway, Google should be having a big plan behind this deal. Let’s see how Twitch is going to be integrated with Youtube.