How does an adjustable Delay ON OFF timer circuit work?

How does an adjustable Delay ON OFF timer circuit work?

Adjustable Delay On Off Timer Circuit For adjusting the timer duration on the fly, the timing resistor is replaced by the potentiometer and its connections are made as shown in the circuit diagram below. You can choose the potentiometer value depending on the maximum duration you require. How This Circuit Works

Can a microcontroller be used as an adjustable timer?

If very long time delays are required it is not advisable to use 555 timer.Instead one can use a microcontroller. Here is timer using arduino which is user friendly. Arduino adjustable timer is simple circuit to generate timer for required time.

How to make an adjustable delay circuit using 555 IC?

A tutorial on how to make an adjustable delay timer circuit using 555 IC that can automatically turn on/off any output after a fixed duration. This electronic timer circuit is helpful when you need to power On/Off any AC Appliances after a pre-defined duration.

How to calculate the delay time for a circuit?

T = 1.1 * (68000) * (0.000470) = 32 seconds. And to calculate the component values for a given delay time, it is easier to fix the value of capacitor and calculate the resistor value. For example, if we require a delay time of 60 seconds: 60 = 1.1 * R * (0.000470).

What happens when you disconnect the push button on a circuit?

However in the course of the above action, the capacitor also gets charged fully. On releasing the push button, though the power to the base gets disconnected, the transistor continues to conduct with the aid of the stored energy in the capacitor which now starts discharging its stored charge via the transistor.

How can a circuit increase the delay range?

By adding one more transistor stage (next figure) the above time delay range can be increased significantly. The addition of another transistor stage increases the sensitivity of the circuit, which enables the use of larger values of the timing resistor thereby enhancing the time delay range of the circuit.

Is there a simple delay off alarm circuit?

A simple delay OFF alarm circuit is shown in the following diagram. The circuit was requested by Dmats. The following circuit was requested by Fastshack3 “I am looking to build a circuit that would control an output relay. This would be done in 12V and the sequence will be initiated by a manual switch.