How is power controlled on an airplane equipped with a constant-speed propeller?

How is power controlled on an airplane equipped with a constant-speed propeller?

How is engine operation controlled on an engine equipped with a constant-speed propeller? The throttle controls power output as registered on the manifold pressure gauge and the propeller control regulates engine RPM.

How does a constant-speed propeller work?

Constant speed propellers work by varying the pitch of the propeller blades. As the blade angle is increased, it produces more lift (thrust). At the same time, more torque is required to spin the prop, and the engine slows down.

When to bring the propeller back to maximum rpm?

Every engine is a bit different, but in most cases initial climb is the time to bring the rpm back from peak to around max continuous rpm. In some engines you can leave full power while doing this (called oversquared), and with other engines you’ll have to pull the throttle back to 25 inches before bringing the propeller back.

What’s the rule of thumb for power and rpm in a constant?

Only when leveling off in cruise did I pull it back to an economical setting (sometimes oversquare, sometimes undersquare; always lean of peak). The engine ran beautifully with good CHTs and incurred no unusual wear. In fact, the engine’s health improved. Exhaust and plugs became noticeably cleaner and compressions improved.

What are the main settings of a constant speed prop?

A constant speed prop is like a continuously variable transmission. The main settings to be concerned with are climb and cruise. In a climb scenario, particularly takeoff, it is desirable to have all power available, this is achieved by running your engine at a higher rpm.

How much fuel does a constant speed propeller burn?

At 5,000 feet and standard temperature, operating at full throttle with the prop set to 2,400 rpm, would give us 75% power, a fuel burn rate of around 10.2 gallons per hour, and a TAS of 162 MPH. Now, if you’re just flying out to the local area, you may not bother with, or even care about the power settings for cruise flight.