How to buy the best laptop for the money you pay?

How to buy the best laptop for the money you pay?

While your average smartphone and tablet are good for doing stuff on the go they don’t provide you with the amount of power and resources as your laptop does. Thus to be more efficient, effective and precise in everything that you do, a good laptop is a must have.

So you want to buy the best laptop out there, don’t you?

Now let’s review various aspects of a laptop so that you can get the best mobile PC for the money that you pay and get the best laptop deals available.

What will you use your laptop for?

All-round activities – If want your laptop to be able to do a bit of everything then go for a laptop which gives you all-round performance. It can be a good 15-inch laptop which you could keep at your work desk or a light but efficient 11 or 13-inch mobile computer which you can carry around in your office or home.

They allow you to do almost everything ranging from making presentations to watching movies and playing light games. However, they do not specialize in anything. All the best laptop brands have such laptops which are not pricey and are quite affordable. However the 13- inch Apple Macbook Pro is the best laptop for the money that you can get in this category.

Gaming –  If you are a gaming enthusiast and play high-end graphics intensive games then go for a laptop with powerful processors such as the Intel® Core™ i7 Processor which will help meet the game’s processor requirements. Along with a good, fast and powerful CPU the laptop should also have a good discrete GPU even dual graphics cards if possible along with a good quality high-definition screen, good battery life and great speakers to give you a complete gaming experience.

Gaming laptops are available at all price ranges however if you are looking for the best laptops that will give you good performance levels for a long time then you will have to spend quite a lot to get them. Among them the Alienware M18x R2 is quite nearly the perfect gaming notebook and also the best laptop for the money that you can get your hands on.

Business and official purpose – if you want a laptop to make corporate presentations, for writing research articles or to complete your projects then you should go for a business or professional class laptop. The laptop should have a good build quality and should have a good processor as well. Along with this the laptop should necessarily have a good and durable keypad along with a responsive yet long-lasting touchpad and dedicated mouse buttons to make your work easier.

Apart from this the laptop should also have a good and sharp display and sufficient amount of ram and hard disk space. These laptops are not too pricey but if you want premium performance in the category then you will have to spend much more and the HP EliteBook 6930p is best laptop for the money which you can get in the current market.

Other essential specifications that you should check to buy the best laptop

Laptop screen – You must decide on the screen that you want for your laptop. If you want to buy an ultra light and ultraportable laptop then you will have to manage with an 11 or 12 inch screen.

You could also go for a 13 or 14 inch laptop which offers you almost the same amount of portability along with a bigger display. A 15 inch screen is the most popular of all screen sizes available they do not provide as much portability but can still be carried around a fair bit.

A 17 or 18 inch screen would provide you with the best visual experience that you can get from a laptop however they are by no means ideal for being carried around but do generally provide the best performance that you can get from a mobile pc.

Key and touchpad – All the specs of your laptop won’t mean a thing without a good keypad and a responsive yet durable touchpad. You should check to see that your laptop has ergonomically designed keypads with proper spacing between the keys along with a good tactile feedback.

The Touchpad should be smooth and responsive to use and its dedicated mouse buttons should have a good gratifying click without feeling too mushy. Apart from that the touchpad should have good multi touch features and good inbuilt settings.

CPU – The CPU that you choose for your laptop depends entirely on what you want to do with your laptop. If you want to do light surfing, typing and emails then you can get by with an Intel Pentium or AMD E series processor.

However if you want to do some serious gaming or editing on your laptop then you will be better served in going for a Core i7 processor especially the quad-core ones. However, if you are planning on using your laptop for all-round everyday uses then a core i3 or a core i5 processor would be the ideal fit both financially and performance wise.

RAM – Almost all the laptops that are available in the present market come with 2-4 gigs of ram. Among the two, 4 gigs of RAM is a much safer option than the former as it offers you flexibility in terms of what you can do with your laptop and provides you with a good amount of room to upgrade your current system.

However, if you are a gaming enthusiast or plan on doing a lot of editing and film making along with a huge load of multitasking then you should never settle for anything below 8 GB as this will allow you to run almost any application with relative ease and will also give you a glitch free smooth computing experience.

Thus if you follow everything I’ve said in this guide then you will have no problem in securing the best laptop for the money that you are going to spend.

Are you ready to buy the best laptop? Go now!