How to set a delivery date for Magento 2?

How to set a delivery date for Magento 2?

Choose your preferred date-time format and timezone. Add note before and after your time slot. Choose order delivery date in a calendar view and time slots conveniently. Control holidays, weekends and weekday time slots through your admin. Add time slot availability according to the days for delivery.

How do you ship a product in Magento?

To ship an order, the store needs the following information from your side. These are products added to the cart. They may have a different weight or size that define the delivery cost. Sometimes, a product is not something you can touch. For example, it may be a virtual book. It can be stored as a downloadable product in Magento.

How to split an order in Magento 2?

However, in some cases splitting an order is the only reasonable solution, and for this matter, you can use Multiple Address Checkout. To enable it, Go to Admin panel > Stores > Configuration > Sales> Multishipping Settings:

How to add custom order attribute in Magento 2?

To add a custom attribute to the shipping address in Magento 2, you need to develop a custom checkout field. For this, install our extension and do the following: Go to the Manage Order Attributes grid and click Add New Order Attribute Fill in Attribute Properties.

How to get product custom option from CART and order in Magento 2?

Open the block class Mageplaza_HelloWorld, then inject the object of \\Magento\\Sales\\Model\\Order in the constructor of my module’s block class.

How do I calculate free shipping on Magento?

A name that describes the method of calculation that is used to produce a shipping estimate. The method name appears next to the calculated estimated rate in the shopping cart. The default value is Free. The minimum purchase that is required to apply Free Shipping to an order. Determines if tax is included in the Minimum Order Amount calculation.

What does quote mean in Magento cart query?

A Quote represents the contents of a customer’s shopping cart. It is responsible for performing tasks such as: The following query shows the status of a cart that is ready to be converted into an order. In this query, the Buy 3 tee shirts and get the 4th free cart price rule from the sample data is active.