HP Spectre X360 (13 inch) Laptop Review

HP Spectre X360 (13 inch) Laptop Review

Voila! Soon you’re going to have your premium HP Spectre X360 (13 inch) laptop, the updated release (2017).

Its forerunner came the last year with a lot of expectations and disappointments as well.

But the updated machine is par too good when compared with its predecessor. Though every company puts in the same basic parts, there is something that makes each product different.

So, before going to own your [easyazon_link identifier=”B01MRIJF41″ locale=”US” tag=”slicwell-20″]HP Spectre X360[/easyazon_link] that has the same Intel processor, IPS Display, alluring frameworks as any other premium laptops, take a look at what’s in the new updated HP Spectre X360 that makes its different and unique from its rival contestants.

The Astounding Looks

The all new HP Spectre X360 looks the way a premium laptop should look. No surprise that it has got complete aluminium body that gives a complete alluring guise.

Unlike its predecessor that was released the last year which had sharp edges, the new one is round-edged that adds more fineness to looks and also does not hollow out your hands when you have to type a lot.

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Most importantly, it has slimmed and has shrunk, i.e. it is more compact and thinner.

The side bezels are cut down, making it smaller still maintain the 13.3 inch display. It is about 20 mm narrower than the previous version.

Excessive work-outs have made it weigh lighter. It weighs about 2.8 pounds versus the 3.2 weighing last year model.

USB C Ports

The latest HP Spectre has fewer yet upgraded ports. It has two USB – Type C ports on the right side and one USB – Type A port on the opposite side.

It misses the good old HDMI and DisplayPorts. The USB Type C ports bend as ThunderBolt 3 that do the work of HDMI and DisplayPorts.

You need to plug in adapters if you have HDMI or DisplayPorts monitors. It has an integrated SD Card slot and an audio jack slot.

Yes, you don’t need the barrel charger, but a smaller 45-Watt USB-C charger. It also accepts universal USB chargers, giving you freedom from proprietary chargers.

However, it shows a pop-up message advising you to stick to the HP charger.

Fine Keyboard and Track-pad

HP Spectre X360 (13 inch) Laptop Review

The keyboard is neat, elegant and brisk to type. It is snappy with familiar key layouts for easy typing. But the key caps are of low-contrast color that makes it difficult to type in bright surroundings.

The track-pad is smooth, flat and is of large width. It also comes with palm rejection that is very useful and almost is insensitive to unintentional palm touches.

Speaker and Screen

The HP Spectre X360 has got four speakers, two above the keyboard and two beneath the chassis.

The speakers above the keyboard are finely grilled, that adds a fantastic look to your laptop. The speakers are loud and would be much more helpful in conference calls.

Should have mentioned it earlier, the 13.3 inch screen. The high quality IPS 1080p screen comes is touch sensitive, with wide viewing angles and vibrant colors.

Yes, as you know, it has a hinge, it can be rotated and can be used in tablet mode as well. However, the screen trembles and yields a bit when you used in touch mode.

But it’s okay for any other touch sensitive laptop available in market.

Only the side bezels of the screen are cut short. The top frame is of decent width and has got the IR web cam, right at the centre, the perfect place it should be.

The new HP Spectre X360 has also got Windows Hello, an easier way to unlock your laptop by just looking the screen, rather than the biometric- fingerprint locks.

Have you not used the Windows Hello feature, try it and see yourself love it.


HP Spectre X360 (13 inch) Laptop Review

All is good, but performance is the master and it is what that matters most when it comes to a laptop. The HP Spectre X360 does not compromise with its performance.

Definitely, it’s not a high end gaming machine or not meant for dedicated video editing purposes. But it will do more than great enough for most of your works.

It can do an efficient muti-tasking, switching over to different windows and browser.

It has Intel’s seventh generation core i7-7500U processor inside, that works just 10 to 15 percent better than its ancestors. This is surely appreciable for a thin laptop.

When it comes to the heart, the battery performance, HP Spectre X360 scores again.

It comes with a 4 cell 38 Watt hour Li ion battery that survived up to 14 hours in testing or shortly you can use it for 8 to 10 hours of working a day in your HP Spectre X360, without plugging in.

In consumer range

With all its add-on features and uncompromising performance, the main plus point of HP Spectre X360 is that it comes in consumer range.

The basic entry level model with 8 GB RAM, and Intel’s i5 processor costs around $1000. The ranges vary from [easyazon_link identifier=”B01MRIJF41″ locale=”US” tag=”slicwell-20″]$1000 to $1400[/easyazon_link] depending up on the size of the RAM and the processor used.

In India, it ranges from [easyazon_link identifier=”B01IH2JKQC” locale=”IN” tag=”tecbuzonl03-21″]INR 55000 to 85000[/easyazon_link].  You can have better deals on online shopping websites.

A premium touch laptop would cost more than this, yet you are able to find cheaper ones, you’ll find them having other negotiations.

Better yet to come

The next version of HP Spectre X360 is expected yet to be better, claiming the thinnest and lightest laptop, beating its counterparts.

These are released in India in April. So, wait if you want more.


Summing up, the all new HP Spectre X360 is lighter, slimmer, better and wallet-friendly, delivering you a more than a good performance.

It has certain drawbacks like having a fewer ports, not so well for high end gaming. But that’s okay for any premium laptop as everyone comes with a little compromise.

As far your animating needs are less, HP Spectre x360 is a go for you.

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