HTC to release Smartwatch of its own

HTC to release Smartwatch of its own

HTC is all set to enter the smartwatch market and is currently working on a wearable smartwatch which it plans to release in the early parts of 2015.

Sources have said that the Taiwanese smartphone giant is trying to make a smartwatch which will stand out from the crowd, and it plans to do so by introducing innovative design elements and features which will attract consumers towards buying the smartwatch. No official statement has however been released regarding this matter.

HTC is organizing an event on the 8th same. But a company spokesperson has confirmed that HTC will not be discussing anything regarding the smartwatch in this event. With this new step HTC is entering an already crowded market of smartwatches. Samsung is the current leader of this market and has already released six wearable smartwatches.

Apple has also unveiled a smartwatch of its own by launching the Apple Watch which is expected to be available to the general public by 2015. Motorola and LG can also boast of smartwatches of their own.

Thus, to beat the burgeoning competition and create a breakthrough product HTC is working on ways to customize the Android wear platform so that it’s smartwatch appeals to customers even more. LG, Motorola and a few Samsung smartwatches are also based on the same Android wear platform.

While HTC will also release its smartwatch based on the same platform, it is expected to make significant improvements on the operating system and at the same time offer a host of ground-breaking features.