Integrate other apps to your calendar via Sunrise

Integrate other apps to your calendar via Sunrise

Sunrise, the calendar platform has got a nice feature facelift by making seamless integration to third party apps possible. As of now you can connect your Asana, Evernote, Github, TripIt and Songkick accounts to Sunrise so your data is collected by Sunrise to make your calendar more effective.

It takes the pain out of manually having to enter reminders, travel plans and other stuff into your calendar by consulting with other apps. For instance with TripIt integration all the important dates of your trip, including your flight dates. Of course there are ways to manually get this done. A few flight companies send you an invitation email to let you add the date to your calendar. But having the dates automatically added to your calendar is cooler, right?

With Evernote integration, all the reminders on Evernote will be synced to your calendar and vice versa. You could even open the note directly from Sunrise and edit it or change due date. With Songkick you can track artists and their concert dates in your city. You can view your milestones in your Calendar via Github integration. And Sunrise also has integration for Producteev. This is just the start.

Sunrise will integrate more apps into their platform soon. This will make Sunrise more than a better Calendar app – it will become a Calendar platform. If you have something that is tied to a date, you can have it in your Sunrise Calendar – that’s what the company is up to.

Sunrise is currently available for the iOS, Android and the web. As the company promises more integrations, Sunrise looks really promising.