Mail Markup: You can now annotate documents right in your Gmail

Mail Markup: You can now annotate documents right in your Gmail

Tired of downloading the email attachments to make annotations and markups and then attaching them again to email them? Especially, if you are doing collaborative work by sending emails back and forth with attachments, it can be a real pain to having to download the document(s) every time to make annotations and send them back.

It is not only annoying and takes effort but also eats up a lot of time! Well, there’s good news. If you are a Chrome user, Framebench has released a new Chrome extension to save you time and effort on this matter (one more reason to use Google Chrome) – Mail Markup.

With this extension you don’t have to download your attachments anymore to make annotations. If this extension is enabled you will have the option to Review Attachments. You can then do quite some basic markup on the document like writing comments with a pencil, putting up arrows, some shapes and you can also add annotations (numbered). This will make your life a lot easier if you heavily use Gmail to collaborate.

The annotation options are quite basic; so you won’t be able to do a lot more advanced and fancy mark up – but I guess that’s the purpose of this extension – To give you the needed options, to keep it simple and to help you save time.

The Mail Markup Chrome extension will make a good addition to your productivity toolkit, since it will certainly speed up your workflow.