Microsoft Launches ‘Surface’, A Windows Powered Tab

Microsoft Launches ‘Surface’, A Windows Powered Tab

Microsoft has unearthed its launch of two new Windows 8 powered tablets, viz. Surface. These are targeted to entertain both consumer and business users. This was announced at its recent news conference held in Los Angeles, USA.

As per Steve Ballmer’s words, the new Surface works like either PC or tablet. Consumer targeted Surface is going to hit this fall while the Surface that is targeted to entertain business will land at least three after the first one. The consumer oriented Surface will be powered by Windows while business oriented Surface will be powered by Windows 8.

Let us explore more on these new Windows Surface tablets.


As per the available information, Windows RT powered Surface will be fitted with either 32 GB or 64 GB flash storage. Surface targeted for business users will be fitted with either 64 GB or 128 GB. It will also be decked with Inter Core i5 processor.

This will give enough room for heavy processing that will arise due to multi-tasking. Besides, decent memory modules and processing capabilities, Surfaces will give you all the giggles to be connected through Wi-Fi.

Coming to the important new features to be delivered by the Surfaces, built-in kickstand will become integral part of these new tablets. You can get the best view in landscape mode.

The new surfaces will come with Magnesium cases. Windows RT based Surface will be just 9.3 millimeters thick which was slightly less than iPad by 0.1 millimeters. However, it is very difficult to notice the difference in size.

Surface will feature the finest ‘touch cover’ which will not only protect the screen but also the multi-touch keyboard. The cover is firmly secured to the tablet through the magnetic connector.

The keyboard is enhanced with special keys to give you right and left navigation on a Windows 8 Metro interface. It is perceived that you will have better typing experience than ever before.

The new Surfaces will come with ‘Tap Detection’ facility which is innovative feature. Even if you rest your hands on the keyboard, it will not process the command as the technology will try to understand your intention behind pressing the keys (whether you pressed voluntarily or involuntarily).

Enterprise version of Surface will implement advanced features like High Definition video, support for digital ink and the connector for a stylus that charges magnetically. Microsoft has taken special measures to vent the heat generated by running multiple applications on these i5 powered Surfaces. The tablet also features USB 3.0, well tuned for Skype connectivity and best views that support wide angles.


Windows RT powered Surface will be priced in the range of other available tablets in the market that are powered by Nvidia’s ARM processor. Surface powered by Windows 8 will be priced in the range of Ultrabook Personal Computers. As of now, Microsoft has not announced about the cellular connectivity which is vital for its chances of success in the prevailing market conditions.

Even though complete details are not available, Microsoft has announced details in a hurried fashion to make their fans wait for its new models without fall prey to the Google’s Android based tablets. Microsoft has to chalk-out strategies to sell the new Surfaces without confusing the consumers who purchase x86 based tablets.

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