New “Game of Thrones” iOS app teaches the Dothraki Dialect

New “Game of Thrones” iOS app teaches the Dothraki Dialect

The new app on iOS is based on the hit TV show that is telecast on HBO – “Game of Thrones”. The TV show is adapted from several books and it takes the viewers to a fictional land of kings, lords, queens and common people as various forces in this fantasy world try to wrest control of the all powerful Iron throne.

However, among all the various forces trying to get hold of the throne one set of people, the Dothraki, are not overly interested in doing so but instead love raiding and enslaving others. They are also known as the horse riders who ride along the Dothraki Sea in groups or tribes known as Khalasars.

The app teaches its users the language of the Dothraki tribe, which is quite crude and rough. The app helps its users learn the language from the grassroot level and provides an in-depth guide to the language of the Dothraki people. The app introduces the language to its users by going through the basic pronunciation in Dothraki, their vocabulary, some basic Dothraki grammar and also dialogues.

The app then goes into advanced learning lessons for the user by introducing them to several verbs and important words in the dialect such as “Hash yer dothrae chek?” which translates to “How are you”, Najahak which means “victory” and Anha zhilak year which translates to I love you.

Thus, the app is a great asset for hardcore Game of thrones lovers. The app however is not free for iOS users and will cost users $3.99 in the app market.