Page Speed Service By Google

Page Speed Service By Google

Google has always come up with new and improved service options that have made web experience with Google all the more convenient. The new “page speed” service is definitely an instance of such a worthy option. It is very important that your website pages load on fast.

Your visitors will have many options for the niche and usually not much time. Unnecessary delay in opening the desired web page might be the cause for them to stray away to some other website or blog. Google “Page speed” seamlessly tackles this hurdle, and can help to increase the reader engagement of your blog.

When you are tracking your website’s progress regularly, you need to assess your page loading speed as well. This is the pivotal point that remains undetected on the track radar but can cause a hefty traffic loss. You can test the page speed with Google’s innovative webmaster tools. You also have inventive sites like or; all these options are viable although not 100% accurate for this purpose.

Websites feature images, video posts, web banners, hordes of advertisements; some more elaborate than others. All of these features and each individual element play a part in pacing the pages upload. Google has always put in extra effort in providing fast service. Google instant assures search delivery in seconds even as you type in the key phrase. Google public DNS also loosely works on the same principle of faster delivery. The latest in this line of services is the Google “Page speed”.

Page speed service is simple to use and Google actually gives in detailed instructions for each step that you need to take for the process. You have to create a Cname in your hosting account. This Cname will be an alias for your domain. When you do this, Google just speeds up its own servers for each URL related to the individual Cnames.

Start the process properly with a page speed test at any one of the sites mentioned above ( or The next step will be to log in to Google code via You have to register your site with Google and fill up a relevant application.

Google will decide whether your site is eligible for this service and the parameters for this decision are not clearly stated. However, once your site is accepted, you can rest assured that there will be a general increase in page upload speed by 25-60%. Since, there are no limitations on exactly which sites can or cannot apply; you have the opportunity of registering your application for the service.

You do have to own a valid domain and an account with Google Webmaster. Since, the service is still in its initial state, it is being put out there free of cost. However, the service will be turned in to a paid one after some time.

Page speed is a veritable part of SEO strategies. In fact, frequently, Webmasters have to take harsh decisions to eliminate certain elements from popular pages just to increase the speed of the upload. This service might just be the answer to such complications.

One word of advice is you need to update yourself with the technology of the process before you can efficiently use it. Google will settle a competitive price for the service, which will perfectly compliment its increasing necessity for webmasters.