SoundSight: Want to record 1080p videos with your headphone? No problem!

SoundSight: Want to record 1080p videos with your headphone? No problem!

A headphone is for listening to music or podcasts, right? Ya you can perform voice calls with your your headphone too. But can you record videos? It seems, yes you could!

SoundSight sells headphones that you could use to record videos. The headphone looks like a standard headphone. It is equipped with bluetooth. That’s not a big deal when you think about what else it has got.

On the one side the headphone has the power source which is called “accumulator”. On the other side is the SoundSight camera mounted on a rotating disc so you can turn it to shoot either the front view or something that’s behind you.

The headphone has six microphone integrated into it and also has the noise canceling feature. So you can record studio quality audio of your surrounding. As to the video, if you are DJing or if you’re performing on stage with a lot of shakes, then your video might not come out well (apparently). But then that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the headphone to record such videos of your fans and audience – those videos will be so realistic and will capture real lively moments from the performer’s view point.

Another cool thing is the SoundSight app using which you can live stream the video you record – this is absolutely cool since if you’re a DJ or an on-stage performer, you could easily connect with your fans, create brand awareness and effectively market your performances by live streaming them on social media or through other means.

FYI, for the first 30 days, the intro price is $349. The original rental price is $499.