The Top Ten Most Harmful Trojans and Malwares

The Top Ten Most Harmful Trojans and Malwares

Nowadays the main problem faced by any kind of a computer, Pc or a laptop is the harm done through viruses, malwares, Trojans etc. So many kinds and types of viruses, malwares, Trojans etc have been introduced by spammers and virus generators. You never know what hit your computer.

Not many antivirus have been able to detect all the kinds of malwares ever. So many antivirus making companies promise to provide 100 percent accurately working antivirus for all the malwares, viruses, Trojans etc. however, none have been capable of keeping a computer out of the reach of any kind of virus or malware effectively. Some companies like the IT support Cheshire based outsourcing companies have now come up with solutions to such problems.

They provide tailored to the need antivirus programs to deal with maximum number of threats. Such companies not only provide help, but also train their clients on the harms done by viruses and malwares.

They have highlighted the top ten malwares as well, through the help of trend micro’s detection. They are discussed as follows:

Top Ten Malwares


This is low detection Trojan virus. It creates un necessary registry keys and functions in the bios as an object of browser helper.


It is a worm by nature. It arrives as an email to bulk email addresses and is automatically generated. An email is sent automatically to many addresses and it attaches itself as an attachment to the email. It has its own SMTP and does not need any other mail transfer protocol type.


It is also a worm type and works the same like worm_nuwar.cq. It does not need help from any other mail transfer application like MS outlook or any email id site. With its own SMTP server, it generates through emails.


It detects damaged samples of the Netsky worm. With such a worm, any kind of windows version can be affected. They may be Windows 98, ME, XP, 7 or 8 etc. This file is a trend micro’s detection file.


It also arrives in emails with a virus attachment, which is executable if downloaded. It harms the vulnerability factor in IE as MIME type in the versions 5.01 and 5.55. this way, the IE runs the virus automatically. It is an HTML type malware.


The Top Ten Most Harmful Trojans and Malwares

This is a Trojan and gets downloaded from websites that are malicious. It may also be present inside the above Trojans and malwares and the user without knowing may have his/ her PC affected. It can also come as attachments in spam mails in the form of images.


This is a file generated by the trend micro system to protect against the malwares and viruses described above. It also can detect the actual worm malware worm_rontkbr.


This worm threatens memory loss on the network computers by dropping in several copies of its virus. It robs login information from any website, and saves the information in separate files.

Any remote user can retrieve this information on the network. It runs over the MS Windows key blogging dll file MSGINA.DLL


This infects the files with extensions .exe and .scr. It has read and write access and can run on both workgroup computers and on network. It is injected into IE.exe and hides its operations successfully by not letting any antivirus remove it.


A worm capable of suing user names and passwords form different users on a network and ruins the memory of computers. It executes its copy on remote PC’s.

It can run from a backdoor user as well and has effect on the gateway of computers. Any user by this worm can hack the PC’s on any network anywhere.

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