What does save point mean?

What does save point mean?

A savepoint is a way of implementing subtransactions (also known as nested transactions) within a relational database management system by indicating a point within a transaction that can be “rolled back to” without affecting any work done in the transaction before the savepoint was created.

How are save points triggered?

Savepoints are also triggered automatically by a number of other operations such as data backup, and database shutdown and restart. You can trigger a savepoint manually by executing the following statement ALTER SYSTEM SAVEPOINT . You must always ensure that there is enough space on the disk to save data and logs.

What is use of save point?

The SAVEPOINT statement names and marks the current point in the processing of a transaction. With the ROLLBACK TO statement, savepoints undo parts of a transaction instead of the whole transaction.

How often does SAP HANA create a save point?

5 minutes
The SAP HANA database triggers savepoints in 5 minutes intervals by default. Data is automatically saved from memory to the data volume located on disk.

Can we ROLLBACK to same SAVEPOINT more than once?

A ROLLBACK TO statement reverses all database modifications made in the active transaction following the SAVEPOINT statement. This means the ROLLBACK TO statement can be executed in the same transaction more than once by specifying the same SQL savepoint name.

What is difference between commit and SAVEPOINT?

Transaction Control The following commands are used to control transactions. COMMIT − to save the changes. ROLLBACK − to roll back the changes. SAVEPOINT − creates points within the groups of transactions in which to ROLLBACK.

What is Delta storage in SAP HANA?

The column store is the part of the SAP HANA database that manages data organized in columns in memory. Instead, all changes are written to a separate data structure called the delta storage . The delta storage uses only basic compression and is optimized for write access.

What happens when you release a SAVEPOINT name?

Issuing RELEASE SAVEPOINT name will cause the named savepoint to be discarded, but will not otherwise affect anything. Issuing the commands ROLLBACK or COMMIT will also discard any savepoints created since the start of the main transaction.

When to use a save point in a database?

Savepoint. Savepoints are useful for implementing complex error recovery in database applications. If an error occurs in the midst of a multiple-statement transaction, the application may be able to recover from the error (by rolling back to a savepoint) without needing to abort the entire transaction.

When to roll back to a savepoint in Oracle?

If we encounter an error, we can rollback to a SAVEPOINT or all the way back to the beginning of the transaction. 1 row created. Savepoint created. 1 row created.

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