What Is the Best Productivity Management Software Solutions for Creative Agencies

What Is the Best Productivity Management Software Solutions for Creative Agencies

Productivity management software is software that allows the user to manage better their time, their productiveness, and in general better manage their tasks which they or their employees have to perform on a daily basis.  There are a huge number of software solution for this, but, the best options depend upon your specific needs, desires, and budget. A lot of customers when looking at this sort of software prefer to go by the rule that less is more, in other words,  people that are managing the productivity of both themselves and others like to have a simplistic piece of software to help them do so, and not to be overwhelmed by options and features which they will never use.

In this article, I will explore a number of different software solutions for productivity management, and give recommendations based upon varying requirements.

Hubstaff – the flexibility of Hubstaff  makes the software easy to use and a great choice for your business – regardless of whether you have 5 or 105 employees.  The software does not only run on your system that but also on all those systems of your team members; when they begin work on a task, all they will have to do is press “start.” a great feature of this software, is that the timesheets of your team members will be automatically generated. Hubstaff also works with PayPal, meaning of that the moving of money is extremely easy. Another great thing about Hubstaff, is that it allows you to keep track of your individual team members productivity- it works like a general management system, and that the administrator can see screenshots of what any person is working on at any time, as well as track there keyboard and mouse movements, and view their “productive time” – time which has been spent making your organisation money instead of nothing. These features are also fully customisable at to allow you to see as little or as much of one person’s activity as you wish

Workamajig –  Workamajug is extremely relevant to the topic of this article! This software solution is designed with creative agencies in mind, it includes a huge number of tools to take that use or from the stage of not having the project started, to being paid for the end result. Workamajig is an all-inclusive piece of productivity management software that would be great in any creative agency, however, the company do suggest that at least two or three months are dedicated to training the staff and the general implementation of the system within the organisation. In other words, this may not be the best solution should your creative agency be looking for a speedy solution for their productivity management. Nevertheless the software offers two was that cover a huge number of different essential areas for any agency, creative or not. These include features for account management, keeping track of current projects, general project management such as seeing which team members are working on which tasks, as well as general media management.

Mavenlink – Mavenlink could be a great choice if you run an organisation with a lot of people that think visually. The main features of the software is gantt charts, and specialised charts for the tracking and generation of a project schedules.  Throughout the project process, the charts allow you to have a visual aid as to the progress of your team and what their priorities should be at each stage. Mavenlink also incorporates a number of other features outwith its main features – these include the ability to generate project templates.  A project template, in this instance, shows a full breakdown of the project being planned, as well as the delivery expectations throughout it. Another extremely useful feature of Mavenlink is the ability to make changes to one deadline in the project and have all other predefined deadlines be adjusted accordingly – this is a great feature since delays in a project are often inevitable. Mavenlink does however cost $29 for each user per month, this may not be the best choice for your business if your business tends to hire contractors or self-employed people.

AgencyHub –  is great for a number of reasons, but particularly useful for creative agencies that are comprised of smaller teams than normal. There is a major benefit to experimenting with this productivity management software: it is free, and is thereby a fantastic way of reducing the risk of your creative agency if you are not sure on which productivity management software you would like to use on a more permanent basis, and would instead of like to gain an idea of one without initial outlay to start with.  Within this software, the user has the ability to see a summarised view of each project being worked on. Within the system, the user can also distribute store and join together to work on various pieces of media and files – a service which many other software platforms offer at quite a premium.

Function Point Software is another online solution that businesses can take advantage of.

Producteev – the setup of this productivity management software is relatively basic. Within the organisation’s user account, there are “projects,”  which are then split into tasks and these tasks are further broken down again. To each of these tasks, you are able to assign any members of your organisation to them, as well as attach to the task delivery expectation dates, as well as reminders and any other files that you think necessary. You can also provide each task with different labels denoting how important they are. Producteev can be accessed via many platforms such as iPhone, Android and Mac –  with the software’s easy-to-use interface working well across all. Another great point to consider about Producteev is that it is free of charge when used by less than 100 users in an organisation.

OfficeTimer –  OfficeTimer is used by a large number of customers across the globe in order to effectively manage their needs in terms of the employees of the business. For example, this could entail employee holidays, management of employee hours, management of expenses and general, project and project management expenses.

When trying to choose the best productivity management software solution for your creative agency, you should consider the number of staff that you have, as well as your budget and your needs from the system.