Why does traffic drop after a website is restructured?

Why does traffic drop after a website is restructured?

When a website is restructured without understanding the impact of removing pages, gaps in content sets and topics are created. This gap causes previously earned rankings to disappear for the topics those pages were targeting, and traffic to drop.

Why is my Google traffic dropping so much?

Usually once a year Google will release a major link-based algorithm update to try and sort out valuable links vs. spam links that were created by a new link-building tactic that marketers started implementing. Link spam is usually one of the major issues that websites that lose Google traffic have.

Why did my Seo drop after my redesign?

An SEO strategist versed in transition planning and execution was not included on the redesign team. One thing every website owner needs to understand is that anytime there are major (or minor) changes to a website, there will be some traffic decline because Google has to re-evaluate the website with the new design and content in place.

What happens to SEO traffic during a transition?

The best SEO consultants know, that during a transition period, each team we are not integrated with, increases the risk that organic traffic will be negatively affected.

How does moving a domain affect your rankings?

Moving domains can make a tremendously negative impact on search engine rankings. This is because the major search engines use metrics on both the domain level and the page level to determine rankings. When a webmaster decides to switch to a brand new domain, they are resetting their domain metrics to zero whether they know it or not.

How does a 302 redirect impact your Seo?

How 302 Redirects Impact SEO Because the 302 redirect is temporary, it does not pass page authority from the old URL to the new URL. This means that the new URL will not inhibit the original file’s authority or links, and search engines will always consider it separate from it. 303 Redirect – See Other

What happens when you put a 301 Redirect on a website?

But, if you put in place a 301 redirect, and anyone who visits the old URLs will be redirected to the new, and search engines will update the pages in their index over time. In short, you will keep your traffic. You may also have come across 302 redirects and may think that they are the same thing. They are not.