Why is my featured image not showing on my website?

Why is my featured image not showing on my website?

Or if the featured image fails to show up on social media, but it’s working fine on your website. Consider any WordPress issues that may be causing the problem with your featured image, like conflicts between plugins or a coding error. Think about installing a plugin that resolves problems for featured images without you having to do much work.

What to do if your theme does not show up on your home page?

So go to Settings > Reading and check the options under “Front Page Displays.”. If your theme doesn’t require any page template for the homepage layout make sure this option is set to”Your latest posts.”. If your theme does use a homepage template, have your site set to use a static homepage.

What should I do if I have an activation error?

An error occurred with our activation server or licensing service. Please wait a few minutes and then try the following Windows 10 Pro License Recovery steps: Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation , and then select Troubleshoot to run the Activation troubleshooter. Open Activation settings

Why do I get error when I change my theme in WordPress?

The most likely cause of this error is that you made manual changes to your template files such as the style.css file (usually). Then when you updated your theme your edited files were overwritten by the default theme code. This is why we NEVER recommend making changes to original theme.

Are there any issues with featured image in WordPress?

Introduced in WordPress 2.9, using it you can easily add an image as thumbnail to your posts. However, issues related to Featured Image may come up at times, especially when you change an existing theme or upgrade to a newer version of WordPress!

How are featured images controlled in a theme?

Usually, featured images are controlled by the theme. Whether you are going to have one, how many size options will you get and where it is going to appear, depends entirely on your theme developer. Unfortunately, not all developers tend to give featured images enough attention.

How to add a featured image to a blog post?

Go to Posts > Add New to create a new blog post. You can also do this with pages or click on the All Posts option if you’re interested in adding a featured image to a previously generated post. Insert any content you want for the blog post. Fill in the title, write paragraphs, and upload images to the article.

Where does the featured image go in WordPress?

Once you set a featured image, you don’t need to insert it into the post editor along with your post content. Doing so, will make your featured image appear twice. Once as the featured image, and once as an image inside the post. You can add other images in your post, but your featured image goes in the featured image box.

Do you need a photo gallery plugin for WordPress?

If you often upload images and photographs to your WordPress site, then you will need a proper WordPress photo gallery plugin. We recommend using Envira Gallery. It allows you to easily create beautiful and fully mobile-friendly image galleries on your WordPress site.

Why are my plugins not showing up on my website?

So, my suggestion is, go to the “Plugins” folder (windows/or any OS file manager/Explore) and delete or rename one by one and check the site on the browser. Let me know what happened! I cannot see individual plugins.

Why is my computer screen not showing a picture?

If you recently built, upgraded, or moved your desktop computer, it’s possible a piece of hardware came loose inside the case and is preventing the computer from booting. Remove the side panel from your PC and look inside.

Why is the add new plugins menu not showing in WordPress?

But because the add new plugin menu was missing. The add new plugins menu should be seen under the plugins tab, like this … And on the plugins page towards the top of the screen, in the ‘bulk actions’ drop down menu, you should be able to delete installed plugins.

What does it mean to have featured image in WordPress?

By default, WordPress offers a featured image for all posts and pages. This means you can upload an image that acts as the post or page’s cover media, similar to a book or magazine cover. You can upload a featured image to every post and page.

Why is my header image not showing in WordPress?

Most of the WordPress themes are adept with the features of adding a header image, all that they will have in addition will be the dimensions of that image. Worry not, if you are unable to find the exact dimensions, then in case your image is too large, the system will itself prompt you to crop the image.

Why is my image not resizing in WordPress?

Since WordPress by default do not resize images on the fly, previously uploaded ones remain unaffected when you use a new theme or Post Thumbnail dimension! And in such a case, resizing each of these images, manually, one by one won’t seem very encouraging.