Why is my WordPress Customizer not working?

Why is my WordPress Customizer not working?

There could be a few reasons why your WordPress Customizer doesn’t work. It could be due to the plugin conflict (conflict between 2 plugins), plugin script error in your preview, or the 500 – Internal Server Error.

How to fix the WordPress Customizer preview not working?

How to fix the WordPress customizer preview not working ( Appearance -> Customize )

  1. Make sure that you have updated WordPress to its latest version.
  2. Update your active theme and plugins to their latest versions.
  3. If you use a child theme, switch to the parent theme instead.

How do I add custom fields in WordPress?

Simply create a new post or edit an existing one. Go to the custom fields meta box and select your custom field from the drop down menu and enter its value. Click on ‘Add Custom Field’ button to save your changes and then publish or update your post.

Where can I find the settings for the Customizer?

The WP_Customize_Control documentation has a list of possible fields, including text, checkbox, radio, select, dropdown-pages, and textarea. priority — Just like in add_section () this controls how far up or down the page the setting gets displayed.

Why is my customizer not working in WordPress?

Sometimes also the buttons of the menu items in the theme customizer do not work anymore and in very rare cases even the menu items won’t show up. These kind of issues often are related to issues with JavaScript, for example when the JS is blocked by a plugin or other scripts on your site.

How to add custom sections to the Customizer?

* * Add custom sections and settings to the Customizer. * * @package twentytwelve-child * @copyright Copyright (c) 2016, Nose Graze Ltd. * @license GPL2+ */ class Twenty_Twelve_Child_Customizer { // All our future code will go in here. } You don’t have to use a class, but I prefer it since I think it makes things feel a bit more organized.

What do the numbers mean in the Customizer?

‘priority’ — This determines how high up on the page the section appears. Lower number = higher up; higher number = towards the bottom. This adds a new section, but if you refresh the page, nothing will actually show up. A section won’t show up until it has at least one setting inside.