Facebook And Your Online Presence

Facebook And Your Online Presence

Social media networking is the new trend, however, what happens when trendsetters overshadow the process so much that you forget the point of the process in the first place. The rising popularity of  Facebook as a social networking site paired with the handy features within the site, which help create and manage ‘Fanpages’ (now just pages),  sets the field for low effort web marketing campaigns.

Therefore, the complete process of creating websites/blogs, building up a following and marketing your product steadily, seems a little unnecessary when you can do most of it with just a page and added apps.

You cannot deny the importance of social media sites and most importantly the rising culture base of Facebook specifically, the approach of just this one site as your total web media presence is risky and less productive. Here is a look at the situation in elaborate details.

Facebook updates does not always reach the target audience

The newsfeed is probably Facebook‘s handiest aspect that helps you keep track of all your networking contacts. However, the misnomer is everything that you post will make it to all your contacts’ news feed. In reality, only some specific posts make it to the newsfeed updates. The factors for this selection are unknown.

Most people who ‘like’ or comment on your page, might not be interested enough to pay a second visit to your page, let alone convert to sales. This reduces the productivity value of your efforts in the site by a large margin.

Blog/website creation is a systematic evolved process that incorporates email marketing, social networking, SEO and many more to increase your posts reach to a large section of your target audience. This gives a huge boost to actual sales probability in the field.

Unknown techniques and promotional tactics

When Facebook is just a part of your total marketing campaign, you need not be very dependent on the detailed technicalities of this site. However, when Facebook is your only promotional device, you have to go in to details like

  • Content analysis
  • Edge Rank Calculations
  • Content optimization for better News Feed visibility
  • Take on the Facebook Insights

Let us face it, dealing with the site was never this complicated before.

Facebook’s upper hand in adjustment changes

The ultimate truth is that in your co-dependent relationship with social media sites, the sites will always have the upper hand in situation control, especially if the services on the site are free of charge. Any changes in Facebook’s system or style might throw your business for a loop and you will have to adjust accordingly.

Do not cut off other social media sites

Facebook is without doubt one of the most popular social networking site but it is not devoid of competition in its own field. There are other giant names in the field and every one of them brings new features and possibilities to the game.

It will be unwise to rule out these possibilities without at least working with them.  In addition, the tone and nature of your profile might be better matched with other popular social media sites than facebook; Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blokube, or Google+.

The idea is to space out your marketing and online promotional approach over a variety of strategies. Make Facebook a part of the process, since the popularity of the site is its own credit and identification. However, relying on just any one of the recourses might not be the best marketing decision.