Is Like-Gating Sufficient for Connecting with Your Target Audience?

Is Like-Gating Sufficient for Connecting with Your Target Audience?

An article in Boston Business Journal reveals that companies with Facebook fan pages have become desperate to collect ‘likes’. To make people ‘like’ their pages, companies offer various attractive offers, such as freebies and discounts on various products. As an example, the article highlighted a contact-lens company that declared that if users like their pages, they would acquire a pair of glasses for free.

This technique of forcing people to like a Facebook fan page by offering freebies is popularly known as Like-Gating. Many people believe that Like-Gating is a short-cut way of gaining customers, which may not be effective in the long run. Others, on the other hand, believe that it helps you to gain customers initially.

Which one is the right approach?

Arguments both for and against Like-Gating have logic. It is true that Like-Gating can create awareness about your company and help you to connect with your audience. However, it is also true that exclusive implementation of the Like-Gating approach will not help you to build a long-term relationship with your clients.

Therefore, the question is what approach should you opt for? However, before we answer it, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Like-Gating.

Advantages of Like-Gating

The major benefit of Like-Gating is that it provides you with the opportunity to impress your target audience. It brings you closer to your clients, thus allowing you to connect with them directly.

Like-Gating offers customers latest news about your company. It leaves a memorable impression on their mind and allows them to remember your company. If you launch a new product or services, for example, you can share information about it via your Facebook fan page. This will encourage people to try out the new services or products.

Disadvantages of Like-Gating

Like-Gating does not allow you to build a long-term relationship with your clients. If you fail to fulfill customer expectations, chances are high that they will leave your page.

With Like-Gating, you may not earn undivided customer loyalty. Many people confess that they like a page to avail free offers. Once their goal is fulfilled, they move on to another company.

Which option would benefit me?

It is a known fact that to create a successful marketing campaign, you need to invest time and money. Like-Gating is a short-cut method. Of course, this does not mean that it is a wrong approach. If you have a SEO services company, for example, you can always opt for Like-Gating to create awareness about it.

However, you should understand the fact that Like-Gating is not enough. You need to publish interesting content and news regularly, to retain interest of your followers. Furthermore, you need to fulfill their expectations and answer their queries correctly. Additionally, you should provide people with an enriching experience by asking feedback, organizing contests, and creating polls.

Remember that once a person has liked your page, it marks the beginning of the real battle!

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