Exclusive Facebook Application from Guardian

Exclusive Facebook Application from Guardian

Facebook  – The social networking giant with more than 800 million active users is not only helping individuals connect with their friends but also helping corporate to spread their base. It is fascinating to observe that both small and big businesses are exploring the social networking sites to promote their brand and visibility.

Social networking source has been identified as an effective solution to deal with the changing life styles of millions of people around the world. Those who are lagging behind in utilizing this booming source may bite their tongue later for not being able to use timely opportunities. Guardian, the popular English newspaper (established in 1821) is ever expanding its web presence.

The newspaper has launched new Facebook application that makes it easier to discover and share news through Facebook.

Something different was presented earlier by Guardian called ‘Guardian Zeitgeist’. It is an application that presents stories and comments which are getting highest attention on Facebook and Twitter. Similar application was also developed by third party hackers which code named the application ‘Social Guardian’ presents information pooled out of Guardian’s API, social feeds and widgets.

The application priorities the stories shared on Twitter. The new Facebook application launched by Guardian is quite different from these two applications and it is intended to present novel social news broadcast experience.

The new Facebook application help users read Guardian content without leaving Facebook interface. The new application development is based on the ‘digital first strategy’ announced by Guardian News recently. By this move, Guardian has made news to become the first among the news industry that are marching towards open journalism.

The Facebook application seamlessly integrates with Facebook’s Open Graph platform and Guardian API. You will be able to see others’ faces that have gone through the same Guardian content and find news that are filtered by your social graph. You can comment on an article, set your opinion by clicking on Like and the article can be shared among your friends. You can set alerts also so that you will be notified whenever an article of your choice is posted on Guardian.

After choosing the application on the Facebook, you can click on the links to read the news on Guardian. The news will be displayed directly on your Facebook page. You will be able to know what your friends are reading on Guardian and what news on Guardian gets more public attention.

How much of information that you would like to share with your friends can be controlled by choosing appropriate privacy settings on Facebook.

The new application from Guardian along with its considerable presence on Facebook for quite some time will take a long way in promoting the newspaper as well as giving better experience to the Facebook users in finding the most popular social news and sharing them with their friends.

Facebook might be celebrating the move and it may attract more enquiries for creation of applications from other popular newspapers around the world. It may also inspire Google+ to turn on its business segment at the earliest.