Reasons for Facebook’s Change and Making the Most of it

Facebook is rapidly changing each day, with the introduction of latest features, applications and innovations. Each day social networking is becoming more and more interesting, fun-filled and entertaining.

It seems to be an inevitable part of our existence, especially for the younger generation. There are certain reasons that explain why the older techniques and features of Facebook are almost redundant now.

The New Innovations of Facebook

For instance, Facebook clearly favors posts from subscriptions over fan pages. Not only Facebook but users too prefer the posts from subscriptions, which is evident from the number of ‘likes’ on each post.

Moreover, not only on Facebook but the traffic rate of other blog sites which have been linked on Facebook, have also increased. Thus, one must focus on building one’s subscribers and posting updates that users may find interesting and relevant.

Timeline from Facebook

Another interesting feature that Facebook has very recently launched is the new ‘timeline’, although it has not yet been activated by everybody. With this new feature, one can now narrate his or her life story in a chronological manner.

The new profile of this timeline page is neatly organized with four boxes; friends, photos, maps and subscribers. It allows one to put up a cover photo too. Thus, with this timeline your stories will be visible to others and vice versa, that would welcome more comments and likes, unlike the older page where one had to search for older status or snaps.

Subscribe Button

The ‘subscribe’ button of Facebook seems to be a revolutionary discovery as within a few days, billions of subscribers are noticeable in different pages and profiles. This is very much similar to the ‘follow’ button of Twitter.

For bloggers it has proved to be an added advantage, those who have incorporated the ‘subscribe’ button on their blog. This results in generating higher traffic on blogs and webpages and can be profitable for businesses as well, by generating more sales.

Friend Button Replaced by Subscribe

The commenting system of Facebook is also quite innovative as it can prevent spam and can let one know who one is talking to. However, it has not yet been added by many blogs, unlike the ‘subscribe’ button. Moreover, Facebook has now become more open.

On the top right corner of the profile page, the ‘friend’ suggestion has been replaced by the ‘subscribe’ suggestion. With this feature one can get updates of other people’s profiles, even if that person is not there in the friend list. This is a great feature, as even if a person does not accept the friend request their statuses and other updates can be tracked.

It is more of a free advertisement or one’s brands or thoughts.

Some Concluding Remarks

It is quite apparent by now that the features and latest innovations of Facebook no longer limit to that site per se but extends beyond it to other webpages too. Their tools can be utilized for other personal benefits as well; professional requirements or personal needs.

These features have made Facebook a part and parcel of our existence and we cannot think anything beyond it these days for every activity of ours. Thus, one must make the most of it and utilize them to the fullest.