Mission “Kill Facebook” – In Testing Phase

Mission “Kill Facebook” – In Testing Phase

Oh my dears, stop worrying! This is no way related to shutting down of Facebook or anything related to that. However this is about Facebook’s rival Google+. Still wondering what do I mean by the title?

OK answer me to this question. What is the main thing Google+ lacks when compared to Facebook? There can be more than one answer but the ultimate answer is “corporate fan pages”. Yeah, that’s the thing which Google+ lacks and that’s the thing which G+ has implemented currently in testing phase.

Starting from a simple chocolate company to a colossal smartphone company everyone is on Facebook. In those days advertisements contain “terms and conditions apply” at the bottom but nowadays “like our fan page on facebook” is the one that’s present in bottom of every advertisement.

G+ which was started in an aim to overpower the social networking king Facebook has understood that fan pages (in Google terms “corporate accounts”) should be their prime concern now. This realization is due the fact that fan pages or corporate accounts are the main reason for increase in Facebook and Twitter user statistics.

Google+ which is just 3-4 weeks old (to all users) is literally ruling the web (thanks to the hype and publicity). Google+ is now causing another impact wave to target corporate users by introducing the corporate account feature. Google+ officially asked for top corporate companies to send a request for creating their corporate account. This resulted in a tremendous response from the users’ side. Google doesn’t find one Google Doc sufficient to enroll these companies.

As a result Google initially took requests from the people who registered and is servicing them with corporate accounts according to the priorities. Ford Company is currently having their corporate account however the account clearly states that it is a test account.

Sources from Google say that they may finish servicing the current organizations and will open the novel corporate accounts for all the companies within few months. As of now the test version is to make note of the normal and corporate user conversation modes, their needs, etc.

Meanwhile Google is removing corporate accounts (posed as normal user accounts) in G+. Some famous organizations have been removed. However G+ team has advised the corporate heads to appoint a person for doing social networking through Google+ for their company with their exclusive G+ account. Currently Dell company is doing this (using Hangouts), but don’t know which person is doing this on behalf of Dell’s CEO Michael Dell.

Since G+ has improved the user interface, invented concepts like hangouts, circles etc it will surely improve the corporate accounts feature too. Therefore there’s a chance to have a better corporate account feature (fan page) than that of facebook. On the flip side this feature may even fail miserably. We may know about this only when everything is set and done which will take about 4-5 months.

However one thing is sure if this feature gets succeeded then facebook will have to step down one more rung from the ladder. Already there aren’t many rungs left between facebook and G+. Well this again leads me back to the title “Mission Kill Facebook” will this succeed?

Let’s wait & watch!

Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net